MSNBC hosts say SCOTUS case involving website designer should be 'stricken'

 July 5, 2023

Democrats and their mainstream media allies are still steaming mad over a recent string of losses courtesy of the U.S. Supreme Court. 

One particular decision they can't stop griping about is the decision that ruled in favor of a website designer who refused to design LGBTQ-themed websites, citing her religious beliefs. The high court agreed, and liberals were outraged.

According to Breitbart, panelists had a discussion on MSNBC regarding a report that suggested that the request for an LGBTQ-themed wedding website was "fake," though it hasn't been confirmed.

The panelists, which included former Acting U.S. Solicitor General Neal Katyal, also an MSNBC legal analyst, argued that if the document was fake, the case should be "stricken" from the books immediately.

What did they say?

MSNBC host Michael Steele kicked off the discussion by reporting that it wasn't a gay couple who requested the website, and that the couple in question are not gay.

"The key thing here for me in this case is no one asked her to design a website for a gay couple. In fact, now we know the individual she’s referring to is having approached her is not gay, is married and again, had not asked, or even if he weren’t those other things, had not asked her to design a website for him, because he’s a website designer," Steele said.

He added, "This case reeks of the thing that should be concerning to all of us, and that is the consequences of the case, of the Supreme Court taking hypothetical cases, and drawn Constitutional law from it. What’s your take?"

Katyal quickly called it a "fake case," and suggested it be tossed out as a result.

"The U.S. Supreme Court is bound by our Founders in Article Three that says you have to have an actual case or controversy in order to go to the United States Supreme Court and seek relief. Here it’s a fake case according to the story," Katyal said.

"There is no controversy. This person never wanted to be involved in this in any way shape or form. What I think this means is the Colorado Attorney General should be going back to the United States Supreme Court now, it’s a tragedy that they did find this information out before, but there is a procedure to seek rehearing and to get this decision stricken from the books," he continued.

"I think that’s what should happen here."

Social media reacts

The decision drew mixed reactions across social media, with equal amounts of support and criticism.

"YES! Huge victory for free speech as Lorie Smith the web designer who did not want to be compelled by CO law to make a same-sex m. website (tho she serviced the lgbt community in general) WINS HER CASE! This is a BIG WIN FOR FREE SPEECH IN AMERICA," Megyn Kelly tweeted.

Only time will tell if the case's ruling will be formally challenged.


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