MTG denies rumors of nasty feud with Kari Lake

 September 5, 2023

Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.) dismissed rumors of a nasty feud with fellow Trump acolyte Kari Lake that appeared in leftist rag Rolling Stone. 

The anti-Trump magazine claimed that the two are in a bitter "death race" over Trump's favor, as Trump weighs a 2024 running mate. 

Greene sees Lake as a threat to her influence and has described her as a "grifter" to those in Trump's orbit, according to Rolling Stone. Lake suspects Greene is the source of negative rumors about her in the press, the outlet said.

Greene dismisses rumors

Both Lake and Greene are known for their fiery, polarizing personalities and loyalty to Trump - and both are frequent targets of the leftist media's scorn

Although Trump has toyed with the idea of Greene or Lake as VP, "sources" close to Trump told Rolling Stone he isn't taking the prospect seriously - and the outlet acknowledged that its story is likely overblown because Lake is reportedly sizing up a Senate run.

Greene dismissed the rumors of a feud, saying she will support Lake in her rumored run for the Senate.

"Kari Lake is not my opponent,” Greene told the Washington Examiner. “I’m excited to support her when she announces she is running for Arizona Senate.”

Lake, a former TV anchor, has experienced a meteoric rise in the MAGA movement with her Trump-sized personality. She narrowly lost her race in November to be governor of Arizona, although she says the contest, which was marred by widespread malfunctions and irregularities, was rigged.

Greene won re-election handily last year and has moved from the party's fringe to become a prominent voice; like Trump, she is a close ally of Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Ca.).

Guessing game

With Trump's victory in the Republican primary seen as virtually certain, interest has turned to the VP guessing game.

There are a few names who are definitely not on the short list. Trump has grown estranged from his former vice president Mike Pence, and the vicious feud between Trump and Ron "DeSanctimonious" has likely destroyed any chance of Trump and DeSantis joining forces.

A new Wall Street Journal poll has Trump 46 points ahead of Ron DeSantis, who slipped to 13 percent.

Vivek Ramaswamy, a vocal defender of Trump, stood out at the first Republican primary debate last month and was the focus of most attacks from other candidates. Trump has said Ramaswamy would be "very good" as a running mate.

Trump is planning to rally in South Dakota on Friday with the state's governor, Kristi Noem (R). 

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