Nancy Pelosi calls George Santos 'coward' following expulsion vote

December 5, 2023

The House of Representatives voted to expel New York Republican Rep. George Santos last week after he was indicted on multiple federal charges.

While his expulsion may have ended Santos' time in office, it didn't stop former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from continuing to attack him. 

Pelosi accuses Santos of being "a coward"

According to The Hill, Pelosi accused Santos of being "a coward" for exiting the chamber this past Friday before the vote to remove him was carried out, saying he "should have been man about it."

"This is not a casual vote for us. It’s something you take very seriously, and he should have taken it seriously," Pelosi was quoted as telling reporters.

"This is a very serious matter to uphold the dignity and respect the House of Representatives. He has not, and he didn’t today … by not even showing up and being a coward," the longtime California Democrat insisted.

Santos accuses of misusing campaign funds, lying about personal loan

Pelosi went on to celebrate the vote's "very bipartisan" nature, saying, "There was a coming together to say we respect the dignity of the House of Representatives."

"This is sad. It’s heartbreaking, and I don’t view it as partisan," the former House speaker declared. "In fact, I’m one of the ones who is reluctant to go forward unless there’s really solid evidence. And this was clear."

The Hill noted that last Friday's vote came in the wake of a House Ethics Committee report that found "substantial evidence" of criminal wrongdoing.

Among the allegations are that Santos made thousands of dollars worth of unreported expenditures on Botox treatments, cosmetic products, and travel unrelated to any campaign.

What's more, Santos is said to have reported a nonexistent personal loan to his campaign so as "to induce donors and party committees to make further contributions."

Democrats appear less eager to expel Sen. Bob Menendez

Interestingly, most Democrats have been far less vocal about pushing to expel New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez.

Fox News reported in September that Menendez and his wife pleaded not guilty to bribery charges in a Manhattan federal court.

Prosecutors say that they were involved in a scheme to pressure an official at the United States Department of Agriculture on behalf of an Egyptian national.

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