Nancy Pelosi declared a 'war criminal'

 April 28, 2024

Pro-Palestinian protestors have declared U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) a "war criminal." 

Not only that, but the protestors have outrighted rejected Pelosi's message, including her claim that "support for Israel is in our DNA."

The Washington Examiner reports that this has all been taking place during Pelosi's recent visit to Europe.

Pelosi has been interrupted every step of the way by pro-Palestinian protesters, which is not much different from what has been happening to her here on American soil, where she has been repeatedly confronted by pro-Palstinian Democrats.

"Pelosi is a . . . war criminal"

In general, all of these protesters are unhappy with Pelosi for supporting Israel in the aftermath of Hamas' Oct. 7, 2023, terrorist attack on the Israeli people. Pelosi, more recently, has been attempting to appease the protestors, but this strategy has not really been working.

One incident that took place during her Europe trip, according to the Examiner, occurred in Ireland, at University College Dublin.

The outlet reports, "Pelosi first appeared Monday at University College Dublin, where she received an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws. While Pelosi took the podium in her cap and gown, the UCD Students' Union president, Martha Ni Riada, stood up and began yelling."

Riada shouted, "Pelosi is a Zionist and a war criminal. You said that support for Israel is in our DNA. It is not. What about Palestinian women?"

Riada ended up being escorted out of the hall by security.

Pelosi also declared a "warmonger"

Many students, in fact, ended up being escorted by security during Pelosi's visit to Europe. Another, similar incident took place on Thursday when Pelosi spoke in England at Oxford University.

As Pelosi was speaking, a student walked up to the podium, turned around to face the cameras, and unfurled a pro-Palestinian flag. The student stood there as Pelosi continued to deliver her speech, trying to pretend as though nothing was happening.

This student, too, had to be removed from the event. It was later discovered that the student was part of the Youth Demand group, and this group posted a statement online deeming Pelosi a "warmonger."

What makes this all a bit unusual is that Pelosi has made concessions to the protestors. The Examiner reports, "Pelosi has long advocated a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She has also called for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resign."

The protests against Pelosi, however, have continued, both here in America and abroad.

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