Nancy Pelosi refers to Hillary Clinton as 'president' while speaking at event

 April 5, 2023

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had an embarrassing moment this week when she accidentally referred to Hillary Clinton as "president."

According to Fox News, the slip-up occurred while Pelosi was having a conversation with Clinton at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) on Monday.

Clinton says the "very foundations of democratic governance" are being undercut

Clinton began by saying, "Let’s start with this little matter of democracy, because I think you and I believe that it’s not just in our country, but that’s where we see it most clearly, there is a concerted effort to undermine some of the very foundations of democratic governance, of a democratic society."

"There’s research, some of it done by SIPA in this university, showing that half the world’s democracies are backsliding, and that includes, sadly, the United States," Clinton continued.

"So, what do you, Nancy, view as the biggest threats and challenges facing our democracy and what are the opportunities to try to stop that backsliding and turn it around?" the former secretary of state asked Pelosi.

Pelosi says it is her "hope" that Clinton becomes president

"Well, I appreciate that question, but I also appreciate your leadership in this regard when president –" Pelosi replied before abruptly stopping.

The California Democrat went on to dramatically throw her hands in the air and then put them on her chest while stressing that it is her "hope" Clinton will become president.

"But when Secretary Clinton was in the Senate and first lady, but especially as secretary of State in more recent time – she has been and at that time implemented many things showing America’s support for democracy," she continued.

Pelosi then cast doubt on the 2016 presidential election's legitimacy by suggesting that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin rigged it in favor of former President Donald Trump.

Former speaker repeats 2016 election conspiracy theory

Pelosi argued that it was Clinton's "clarity and position" which motivated Putin to "ensure, in an illegal way, come out against her in her campaign and interference in our democracy."

The 83-year-old then called Clinton "the person he feared most in terms of his lack of democracy in Russia," something she said was "self-evident."

In fact, the 2019 report presented by former Special Counsel  Robert Mueller found no evidence of collusion between Putin's regime and the Trump campaign.

What's more, an article published by the Washington Post in January acknowledged that Russian interference efforts had little impact on the 2016 election.

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