Naomi Biden shares photo of father Hunter and grandfather Joe in swim trunks following annual Thanksgiving 'polar bear plunge' on beach

 November 25, 2023

Ever since Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop and the dubious contents thereon were discovered and publicized in 2020, numerous fully or partially nude photos of the president's son have been circulated online.

Now a new photo has emerged of Hunter in a bathing suit that was shared on social media by his adult daughter, Naomi, after the Biden family took part in an annual Thanksgiving holiday tradition, according to the Independent Journal Review.

That family tradition is a "polar bear plunge," or a quick dip into the chilly waters off the coast of Nantucket Island, where the president routinely spends the long holiday weekend.

The annual "polar bear plunge" into frigid New England coastal waters

On Thursday, Naomi Biden posted a photo of several younger members of the Biden family -- plus her father Hunter and presidential grandfather Joe -- wrapped in towels on a rocky and sandy beach after emerging from the cold Nantucket water.

According to the New York Post, the water temperature in Nantucket Sound was reportedly a brisk 48 degrees when the Biden family members performed their traditional "polar bear plunge" on Thanksgiving Day.

While that family tradition has become a relatively private affair in recent years, the outlet noted that the Bidens previously joined others in the community for an annual charity event known as the "Cold Turkey Plunge" when Joe served as vice president.

The Biden family's annual Thanksgiving vacation to Nantucket Island

Per the Post, the Biden family has spent nearly every Thanksgiving holiday weekend on Nantucket Island since 1975, and in recent years have stayed at the lavish beachside mansion owned by billionaire hedge-fund manager and wealth Democratic donor David Rubenstein.

It is unclear, as the White House has refused to say, whether the Bidens are paying a fair market rent for their six-day use of the 13-acre estate valued at around $39 million.

According to, President Biden and his family arrived on Nantucket Tuesday evening for their nearly week-long stay on the Massachusetts island over the holiday weekend.

Security is predictably tight as local law enforcement has been bolstered by a "huge contingent" of Massachusetts State Police troopers and U.S. Secret Service agents, all of whom are tasked with protecting the president and his family while they enjoy their vacation.

Some of the events that the president was scheduled to take part in included delivering pies to local firefighters on Thanksgiving Day and participating in a tree-lighting ceremony on Friday to officially kick off the island's festive Christmas season.

Not explicit like most of the photos on Hunter's abandoned laptop

To be sure, this latest photo of Hunter Biden to be posted online is far from the thousands of risque and explicit nude photos and videos that were discovered on his abandoned laptop, according to Radar Online.

Many of those photos and videos featured the president's son in questionable or compromising situations with "scantily clad" or nude young women, some of whom were likely prostitutes, or in possession of illegal drugs and firearms, and have been seized upon and highlighted by the president's political rivals for various purposes.

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