Nashville councilwoman claims FBI is 'stalling' release of Nashville shooter's manifesto

 April 23, 2023

Last month, a 28-year-old transgender attacker shot and killed six people at a Nashville, Tennessee-based Christian school. The death toll included three children and three adults. 

It was quickly learned that the trans shooter was obviously severely mentally ill, and many believe that the attack was specifically targeting Christians. Notably, the shooter was a former student of the school.

While it would be nice for the families of the victims to learn why the shooter did what she did that day, according to Breitbart, the FBI doesn't seem interested in letting the public know the details.

A New York Post report citing a Nashville politician claimed the FBI is stalling on releases what is reportedly a detailed manifesto explaining why she committed the violent act.

"Total destruction"

In The Post's report, Metro Nashville Council Member Courtney Johnston was cited as saying that the shooter's manifesto was extremely detailed, and indicated that she vowed to commit "total destruction" that day, presumably meaning killing as many Christians as she could.

"What I was told is, her manifesto was a blueprint on total destruction, and it was so, so detailed at the level of what she had planned," Johnston said.

"That document in the wrong person’s hands would be astronomically dangerous," she added.

Johnston then made the claim that she believes the FBI is stalling the release of the manifesto, given the material it reportedly contains.

"I personally don’t want to know the depths to which her psychosis reached … When I’m told by an MNPD high-ranking official that it keeps him up at night, I’m going to defer to that person in that agency that I don’t need to read that," she continued.

Ulterior motives?

While some are claiming that the manifesto simply cannot be released because of the content it reportedly contains, others believe that the government is stalling so as to not damage the trans movement.

"I think what the FBI is really concerned here with, and I think law enforcement, is that if there is something in there that is truly damaging for the transgender community, I think they are hesitant to do it because they are afraid of a violent backlash against that protected class of people," said John Jay College of Criminal Justice’s Joseph Giacalone.

Ryan Fournier tweeted, "A Nashville lawmaker just said that Audrey Hale’s manifesto will not be fully released… Because it “poses too much danger to the public.” Do you see what they’re doing here?"

Only time will tell if the manifesto is released. It seems like a majority want it to be released fully, at the very least, to be able to gain insight into the attack and perhaps prevent future incidents.


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