Nathan Wade texts could be pivotal in Fani Willis disqualification

 February 20, 2024

The judge in the election interference case of former President Donald Trump will review texts between prosecutor Nathan Wade and DA Fani Willis as well as texts between Wade and his former divorce attorney Terrence Bradley to determine whether Willis needs to be disqualified from the case.

Trump's team has claimed that the text messages prove Wade lied on the stand about when his relationship with Willis started in an attempt to deny that there was any attempt to benefit from the relationship or use taxpayer money for their own benefit.

Willis claimed on the stand that she paid Wade back in thousands of dollars of cash when they went on vacations together. She said that Wade didn't use cash apps, but the texts may also disprove this narrative.

There are no records of the cash payments, so the only evidence that this actually happened may be in the texts.

"Disqualification can occur"

Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee said before the hearing that it is possible that she could be disqualified if ethical violations could be proven, particularly if it was shown that she misused taxpayer funds.

"Disqualification can occur if evidence is produced demonstrating an actual conflict or the appearance of one," he said.

There is already evidence of ethical violations because of the improper relationship between Willis and Wade when she was his supervisor.

"The state has admitted a relationship existed, and so what remains to be proven is the existence and extent of any financial benefit, if there even was one," McAfee said.

Establishing the record

"Because I think it’s possible that the facts alleged by the defendant could result in disqualification, I think an evidentiary hearing must occur to establish the record on those core allegations,” he added.

After two years of hearings, questions remain about the financial aspects of Willis and Wade's relationship, and no ruling has been made by McAfee yet.

Former Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler (R) said in an op-ed in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Monday that even the evidence that has come to light so far should disqualify Willis from the case because the circumstances now make it impossible for Trump to get a fair trial.

“Willis’ conflict of interest shatters any notion that the case against Trump has been prosecuted fairly. Her scheme is disqualifying,” Loeffler wrote.

"Anything less than a complete dismissal of the case is a bandage on the open wound of a justice system that is hemorrhaging its core principle of due process,” she said, further advocating that Willis be rejected by voters because of her actions.

“Too many prosecutors today are like Willis and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg: avid partisans trading impartial justice for political calculation," she concluded, referring to another criminal case against Trump.

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