Nathan Wade's former attorney says he 'could have' lied about relationship with Willis

 February 28, 2024

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis faced more scrutiny last week after former President Donald Trump's legal team submitted cell phone data suggesting that she lied under oath about her relationship with Nathan Wade.

Her situation didn't improve any on Tuesday when Wade's law firm partner and divorce attorney Terrance Bradley admitted that he may have lied about their relationship as well. 

Bradley questioned over text message exchange

During his testimony, Bradley initially said that he could not recall having conversations about the timing and nature of Wade's relationship with Willis.

He was then confronted with a series of text messages by Ashleigh Merchant, who serves as a defense attorney for one of Trump's co-defendants.

The messages were exchanged between Bradley and Merchant, who questioned him about when Wade's romantic involvement with Willis began.

Bradley said that he "could have" lied when asked about Wade and Willis

The messages showed Bradley acknowledging that he "absolutely" believed Wade and Willis were an item in 2021, leading him to mutter the word "dang" under his breath.

However, Bradley quickly explained that he was merely "speculating" about Wade and Willis in the message exchange.

This fact later prompted attorney Richard Rice to ask Bradley, "Do you tell lies about your friends? About a case of national importance?" He responded by saying, "I could have had, I don't know."

Fox News noted that "Bradley said he couldn't recall key details or specific information more than two dozen times in the roughly two-hour testimony."

Jonathan Turley notes "great deal of contradiction" in statements by Wade and Willis

Bradley's testimony appears to back up George Washington University Law School professor Jonathan Turley's belief that Wade and Willis are guilty of perjury.

"In their testimony, there was a great deal of contradiction, particularly for Mr. Wade. Some of his earlier sworn statements appear to be irreconcilable with the facts that he later testified to," the Daily Caller quoted Turley as telling Fox News earlier this month.

"That’s a nice way of saying that people believe he may have lied under the earlier sworn statement," the veteran legal scholar added.

"That’s pretty serious because these two are prosecuting people for making false statements and filing false papers with courts," Turley stressed.

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