Nearly 40 percent of Democrats say dumping Biden would save them money

 August 16, 2023

The conventional wisdom says that people vote with their wallets. According to a new poll, Americans believe the economy will get better if Biden is fired in 2024 - with even some Democrats agreeing.

The Rasmussen poll found that 38% of Democrats believe dumping Biden would be good for them financially. 42% of Democrats said Biden's defeat would be bad for their wallet.

Overall, 48% of voters said Biden losing would be good for the economy, compared to just 34% who said the opposite.

Democrats sour?

Rasmussen found that 47% of voters rate the economy as "poor" and just 35% say it's either good or excellent.

The survey findings pierce the echo chamber that Biden and his allies have been living in, where America is prosperous under "Bidenomics."

Despite the rosy messaging of Biden and his media partners, most Americans continue to experience economic hardship, with gas prices on the rise, wages failing to keep pace with inflation and interest rates making it expensive to borrow.

And despite a glut of positive press about an abating recession, the Federal Reserve burst Biden's bubble at its July meeting, finding inflation was still too high to begin lowering interest rates.


The White House and its surrogates continue to browbeat the people, Soviet-style, over their failure to appreciate Dear Leader Biden's heroic economic plan.

A former Biden adviser told MSNBC's Jen Psaki - Biden's former top propagandist-turned-cable news surrogate - that voters are too jaded by recent history to appreciate the "progress" being made.

"Democrats and this president need to be out there making the case, and meeting people where they are and helping them understand why investments in infrastructure, investments in clean energy, manufacturing, are actually going to be relevant to their lives," former economic advisor Brian Deese said.

If you're explaining...

It's as Reagan said, "If you're explaining, you're losing."

If Biden needs a bunch of "data" and talking heads to get the people to recognize that the economy is going great, then in any meaningful sense, it's actually not.

Realistically, with the country being as polarized as it is, and most Democrats turning a blind eye to Biden's brazen corruption, it's probably wise not to extrapolate too much from one poll showing that Democrats are hurting economically.

Still, it says something that even some Democrats admit they aren't convinced by Biden's pie-in-the-sky messaging. They know they're worse off under Democrat policies, even if they may support them for other reasons.

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