Nearly half of NYC's hotel rooms filled with migrants

 May 19, 2023

Nearly half of New York City's hotel rooms are occupied by migrants living in taxpayer-funded locations, according to Mayor Eric Adams (D).

He claims more than 70,000 migrants have moved to the city, with many bused by Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott.

The mayor's statement

“Almost 50 percent of those hotel rooms are taken up by migrant asylum seekers that we are paying for,” Adams said.

“So instead of monies coming from people who are visiting us and spending in our tourism, in our Broadway plays, instead of them using those hotels, we are using those hotels," he added.

The concerns

“In order to address an onslaught, you have to have places you can put people. Almost half of all hotel rooms now are taken up by asylum seekers. Think about that. I’m not sure what it’s going to take before people hear what I am saying," said Adams in a media briefing in Harlem, according to the Blaze.

“New York City is the hotel capital. We’re the hotel capital — tourism, visitors, sporting events, graduations,” he added. “It’s a major economic engine for us.”

"The city recently booted some American veterans from hotels to make room for migrants and has canceled rooms reserved for weddings for the same reason," the Gateway Pundit reported.

"Adams is starting to panic because he knows this is a massive loss in tourism dollars for the city," it added.

While it is true that Texas has bused a few thousand people to New York City, the numbers are far less than the migrants housed in the city.

The numbers are also minuscule compared with the thousands of illegal migrants crossing occurring daily at the southern border, with communities in border states overwhelmed with far larger problems than Adams faces.

Adams may now regret claiming that his city is a sanctuary for migrants as he faces a crisis in housing those who have taken him up on the offer.

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