Nebraska election reform bill would favor Trump in 2024

 April 3, 2024

Despite it being a largely Republican state, President Joe Biden was still able to win one of Nebraska's five Electoral College votes in the 2020 election.

Yet in what would be a bombshell move, Nebraska's governor is backing a plan which would likely result in former President Donald Trump sweeping the state. 

Nebraska awards votes based on congressional districts

As Newsweek contributor Natalie Venegas explained, Nebraska awards Electoral College votes based on how the presidential candidates perform in each congressional district.

Only Maine employs a similar system, with all other states taking a winner-take-all approach when it comes to presidential races.

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk pointed out how this means Nebraska could well swing the election for Biden despite Trump being supported by a majority of the electorate there.

"Suppose Donald Trump flips Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada next fall, as current polls all show him doing," Kirk wrote in a social media post.

Governor endorses winner-take-all system

"Would he win the presidency? Not quite. In fact, if Trump flips those three states and no others, he loses by exactly ONE electoral vote," the activist lamented.

However, Breitbart reported that Nebraska Republican Gov. Gov. Jim Pillen announced support this week for a plan by Republican state Senator Loren Lippincott which would reform how Nebraska's Electoral College votes are allocated.

"I am a strong supporter of Senator Lippincott’s winner-take-all bill (LB 764) and have been from the start," Pillen said in a statement on Tuesday.

"It would bring Nebraska into line with 48 of our fellow states, better reflect the founders' intent, and ensure our state speaks with one unified voice in presidential elections," the governor maintained.

Donald Trump Jr. and his father both praise Pillen

Pillen went on to "call upon fellow Republicans in the Legislature to pass this bill to my desk so I can sign it into law."

The governor's message was met with praise from conservatives, including Donald Trump Jr., who hailed it as being "great news."

Former President Trump spoke up as well, declaring in a post on Truth Social that Pillen's statement was "very smart."

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