Neighbor arrested in attack on Charlie Sheen at his home

 December 26, 2023

A neighbor of actor Charlie Sheen, 58, was arrested on Wednesday after allegedly attacking the star in his Malibu home.

Electra Schrock is accused of forcing her way into Sheen's home and trying to strangle him on Wednesday.

Sheen's other neighbors helped him fight off Schrock, and she had returned to her own home by the time police and paramedics arrived around 1 p.m.

“Upon contacting the parties involved, deputies identified Charlie Sheen as a victim of assault,” a statement obtained by EW reads. “The suspect, Electra Schrock, was arrested for Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Force Likely to Create Great Bodily Injury, 245(a)(4) PC, and Residential Burglary.”

Sheen not injured in attack

Sheen did not have to be taken to the hospital for any injuries after the attack, and his twin sons who live with him were reportedly not involved in the incident.

He said he doesn't know why Schrock attacked him, but reported that it was probably her that threw a sticky liquid onto his car in an earlier incident.

Sheen reported that he had talked to the neighbor about the earlier incident and he thought they had decided to let "bygones be bygones."

Schrock had also reportedly dumped trash on Sheen's porch after the car incident, the day before she allegedly tried to strangle him.

Schrock had been arrested for an unrelated felony in March 2023, according to NBC News, but the outlet did not elaborate on the previous charge. She is scheduled to appear in court on December 26.

"Really, really nice"

Sheen's neighbor Mandana Brendedn said Sheen was a good neighbor and seemed to have a quiet life now, although he struggled with addiction before getting sober six years ago.

"He's really mellow and really, really nice. I see him at the mailbox all the time," Mandana Brenden said. "He’s always with his son."

Sheen is raising his teen 14-year-old twin boys without the involvement of their mother, Brooke Mueller, People reported.

Sheen starred on Two and a Half Men produced by Chuck Lorre before he got sober. He had a falling out with the producer, but was able to make amends after getting sober.

He now stars in Lorre's new show, The Bookie on HBO Max.

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