Netflix star Austin North arrested for attacking emergency room staff

 February 16, 2024

Television actor Austin North was arrested for attacking emergency room staff in a bizarre incident at a Las Vegas hospital. 

The 27-year-old Netflix star, known for the series Outer Banks, said he had a severe panic attack - during which he assaulted two nurses and a phlebotomist. He was released on bond and is facing charges of misdemeanor assault.

The actor was in the hospital because he feared he was having a heart attack - and he says he has no recollection of the rampage.

Netflix actor's hospital rampage

The attack at University Medical Center came without warning.

Police say the actor ran toward a nurse, punched her in the head and shoved her into a sink, then shoved another nurse in the face.

The actor then pushed a phlebotomist into a table, who in turn knocked North in the head with a silver tray. North's mugshot shows the actor with blood on his forehead.

North attacked a fourth person before he was finally restrained and handcuffed to a gurney.

"Severe" panic attack

In an Instagram post, North apologized to the victims and said he experienced the "most extreme panic attack I've ever had." He said his blood tests were negative for drugs and alcohol.

North, who had been in Las Vegas to party during the Super Bowl, said he asked a friend to drive him to the hospital when he thought he was having a heart attack.

"I am deeply upset by the events that took place in Las Vegas this past week. My friend drove me to the hospital because I thought I was having a heart attack. Several tests were taken, including blood, which came back negative for any drugs or alcohol in my system. I was having a severe anxiety attack."

"I have very little memory of the events that day at the hospital," North wrote. "I have the utmost respect for healthcare workers and hospital staff. I have battled anxiety on and off for years and this was the most extreme panic attack I've ever had. Going forward, I hope to shed light on this debilitating disorder and send hope to those who have also struggled."

North portrays Topper Thornton in the Netflix drama Outer Banks.

He got his start in the Disney series I Didn't Do It and had his film debut last year in the movie Beautiful Disaster.

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