Nevada's Gov. Lombardo deletes all pandemic-related mandates in first executive order

 January 7, 2023

It's a rare occasion when a politician from either side of the political aisle keeps any of their promises. Still, Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo (R) proved that there are politicians with good intentions out there after all. 

According to Breitbart, Lombardo wasted zero time squashing quite a bit of the ridiculous mandates and rules put in place by the state's previous administration, dialing in on COVID pandemic-era rules that were, for some reason, still active.

"Executive Order 2023 – 001: Order Rescinding All COVID-19 Era Declarations, Executive Orders and Emergency Directives," was the name of Lombardo's first executive order, which, as the title suggests, ended all of the moronic pandemic restrictions still in place.

Lombardo's office explained the reasoning behind signing the first EO.

"The number of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are significantly down from their peaks, vaccinations and treatments are widely available, and many Nevadans have built up natural immunity. Therefore, this executive order repeals and rescinds any remaining COVID-19 era declarations, executive orders and emergency directives," the first EO explained.

A second executive order signed by Lombardo "called on state leaders to address the state workforce vacancies," Breitbart reported.

The second order, as Breitbart noted, said:

"Executive Order 2023 – 002: Order directing the Department of Administration to review and make recommendations with respect to hiring, retention and promotional rules and procedures related to state employment and to work with executive branch agencies to transition the state workforce to pre-pandemic, normal and customary office operations by July 1, 2023."

Additionally, the second EO says "calls on the Department of Administration to immediately begin working with all state agencies to develop a plan to ensure that the state workers return to pre-pandemic, normal and customary office operations by July 1, 2023."

The new Republican governor took a victory lap on social media in announcing the two executive orders.

"Today, I signed my first 2 executive orders. 1. I repealed and rescinded the COVID mandates from the previous administration. 2. I called on state leadership to address state workforce vacancies and get state workers back to in person, normal office operations by July 1," the governor tweeted.

Lombardo was cheered across social media for taking the necessary actions to undo what former Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak signed.

Hopefully, more Republican governors will follows Lombardo's lead and undo the disastrous policies of previous administrations.

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