New book highlights VP Harris' career of 'failing up': Report

 April 1, 2024

Many see Kamala Harris as the quintessential example of a person who "failed upwards" in a toxic and politically correct culture that rewards victimhood rather than merit.

But it isn't just conservatives who see Harris as a joke, with many of her own Democratic colleagues privately sharing doubts about her talents, according to a new book, Amateur Hour: Kamala Harris in the White House by Charlie Spiering.

According to a review by Josh Kraushaar, the book traces Harris' unlikely ascent despite years of blunders that betrayed her poor political acumen.

Kamala's unlikely ascent

Kraushaar noted that Harris has shown "consistently poor judgment about the direction of American politics" with her appeals to the hard left.

Spiering's book makes note that Harris endorsed political unrest during the George Floyd riots and even backed radioactive calls to "defund the police," which have long since been abandoned by Democrats.

"We do have to reimagine what public safety looks like," Harris said at the time.

But Harris' ascent up the ladder of grievance politics is only continuing, as the Biden campaign turns to its token VP to appeal to left-wing voters disillusioned with his presidency.

She has become a more visible spokesperson on abortion and the war in Gaza, two issues close to the hearts of Biden's core supporters.

Built to last?

Harris now finds herself in arguably her best possible position - despite her complete lack of talent, the Democratic party can't seem to get rid of her.

The dynamic is a familiar one to anyone who has tuned in to the fiasco surrounding Fani Willis in Georgia.

According to Kraushaar, Harris' political brand is almost entirely reliant on appeals to her identity.

Kraushaar notes that Harris' short-lived presidential bid experience a very brief surge when she attacked Biden as racist during the first primary debate.

"That moment excited the progressive base and fueled a short-lived rise in her polling. But she failed to follow up on the attack, and her polling soon reverted back," he wrote.

A politician so lacking in fundamentally appealing qualities is not built to last - at least not without the constant support of a full-fledged propaganda machine. There's the real horror: despite her obvious lack of qualifications, Harris has already come so far. What's stopping her from taking the next step?

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