New Hampshire Democrats tell Biden to kick rocks, make January primary official

 November 16, 2023

New Hampshire will hold its Democratic primary on January 23, in defiance of a new calendar adopted by President Biden snubbing the traditionally first-in-the-nation state.

For more than a century, New Hampshire has held its primary first. This year, Biden moved to change the calendar, arguing that the state's 93 percent white population is not "diverse" enough.

New Hampshire tells Biden to kick rocks...

Biden pushed the Democratic party to place South Carolina first. The state, which has a large black population, played a critical role in securing Biden's path to victory in the 2020 Democratic primary.

Under Biden's rules, New Hampshire would hold its primary second, on the same day as Nevada, and Iowa, another mostly white state, would lose its early state status completely.

Under the rules adopted by the DNC, New Hampshire could lose delegates at the nominating convention.

As a result of the spat, Biden will not appear on the primary ballot in New Hampshire, but his campaign is organizing a write-in effort.

In a letter to the state's Democrats, he said he was "obligated" to follow the party rules that he himself advocated.

Not diverse enough?

Democrats made no effort to conceal their racial motivations, with DNC Chair Jaime Harrison, a South Carolina Democrat, saying the new calendar “puts Black voters at the front of the process."

Secretary of State Dave Scanlan came to the defense of New Hampshire's traditional role at the top of the calendar, which is enshrined in state law requiring the primary to be held a week before any other state.

Scanlan challenged the use of racial diversity "as a cudgel," saying New Hampshire is no less representative of America than any other state.

"Using racial diversity as a cudgel and an attempt to rearrange the presidential nominating calendar is an ugly precedent," Scanlan said. "At what point does the state become too old or too wealthy or too educated, or too religious to hold on early primary? The truth is, there is no individual state that truly reflects the makeup of America and no state is more American than any other state."

For Republicans, the New Hampshire primary will fall eight days after the January 15 Iowa caucuses.

The first official Democratic primary won't happen until February 3 in South Carolina.

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