New Hampshire voters receive fake robocall from 'Joe Biden'

 January 24, 2024

Joe Biden overcame a fraudulent robocall and the pride of snubbed New Hampshire voters to win the state's Democratic primary as a write-in candidate.

The state's attorney general has opened an investigation into the robocall, which discouraged Democrats from showing up to vote on Tuesday.

Whoever created the phone call used Biden's voice and "malarkey," a word that Biden uses often, to pass it off as an authentic message.

“Voting this Tuesday only enables the Republicans in their quest to elect Donald Trump again,” the message said. “Your vote makes a difference in November, not this Tuesday.”

Fake message from Biden

The message was listed as coming from Kathy Sullivan, a major organizer of Biden's write-in campaign who runs Granite for America, a pro-Biden super-PAC.

“This call links back to my personal cell phone number without my permission,” she said in a statement. “It is outright election interference, and clearly an attempt to harass me and other New Hampshire voters who are planning to write-in Joe Biden on Tuesday.”

New Hampshire's attorney general said the robocall is "an unlawful attempt to disrupt" the election and urged voters to ignore the message.

One Biden voter who received the call said they needed a moment to realize the voice wasn't really Biden's.

"I didn’t think about it at the time that it wasn’t his real voice. That’s how convincing it was," she said.

Biden's campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez blasted the call as an attempt to "suppress voting and deliberately undermine free and fair elections."

Biden wins write-in

It's unclear how many voters received the message or were duped by it. But Biden still won the state's unofficial Democratic primary with over 50% of the vote, despite not being on the ballot.

Biden withdrew his name from the ballot in protest of the state's decision to hold an unsanctioned primary, in defiance of the Democratic party's new calendar.

New Hampshire traditionally holds the first primary, but Biden decided to put South Carolina on top, citing its "diverse" population versus the mostly white demographics of New Hampshire.

South Carolina was pivotal to Biden's primary victory four years ago.

President Trump won the Republican primary in New Hampshire by more than 10 points, likely ending the hopes of his last remaining challenger, Nikki Haley.

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