New House Speaker strongly supports Biden impeachment inquiry

 October 26, 2023

New House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) is a strong conservative who has supported the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden since at least September, when he gave a floor speech with three reasons why.

He said at the time:

There are three irrefutable facts that have taken us to this point: Number one, President Biden lied directly to the American people. Number two, President Biden’s family and their associates profited millions through shell companies. Number three, President Biden’s federal agencies are stonewalling our legitimate congressional inquiry.

"Tip of the iceberg"

Johnson was the vice chair of the Republican Conference and was on the Judiciary Committee when he made the speech. He also said that the three reasons he gave are “just the tip of the iceberg.”

"There are so many scandals; there’s so much corruption that’s been uncovered," he said. "Every stone that we overturn leads to more and more corruption. And because of that, Mr. Speaker, a lot of the American people are simply getting lost in the barrage of evidence, in the barrage of allegations of corruption and the evidence itself."

Johnson also slammed the media for covering up the scandals.

“And as expected, the D.C. and the national press corps have blindly accepted the White House’s spin, and they’re trying to convince the American people that our inquiry, even the impeachment inquiry, is illegitimate," he said.

He cited several headlines calling the impeachment probe "predictable" and a "long shot."

"We know that they’re working against us, against the American people, in this case, and for the White House," he said. "They’re on their [White House] team."

Johnson election quick

Johnson was quickly elected speaker Wednesday after he was nominated, and he got all 220 Republican votes.

"The People’s House is back in business,” Johnson declared after taking the gavel.

Johnson kind of came out of nowhere and had not even been mentioned in the early rounds of nominations. After Rep. Steve Scalise, also from Louisiana, failed to get the necessary votes, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) was put forward but also failed to get enough votes to pass on the first three tries.

After word got out that Jordan and/or his allies were bullying and threatening those who didn't vote for him and even their families, his name was withdrawn.

President Joe Biden urged the House to get back to work on Wednesday after Johnson's election as a November 17 deadline to avoid a government shutdown looms.

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