New Jersey Democratic governor says murder of Republican councilwoman doesn't look political

February 3, 2023

The police have given precious little detail about the vicious murder of 30-year-old Republican councilwoman Eunice Dwumfour, but New Jersey's Democratic governor Phil Murphy doesn't think politics was involved.

With speculation flying over the motive, Murphy said the slaying looks "very specific" but he doubts politics had a role.

Republican councilwoman killed

The horrifying crime has shocked New Jersey, a state with notoriously strict gun control laws.

Murphy has been working to make those laws even more restrictive with a sweeping concealed carry ban that would make it a crime for law-abiding citizens to carry firearms in most public settings -- including private vehicles, unless the gun is unloaded and stored away.

Dwumfour was riding in her white Nissan SUV just outside her apartment building Wednesday night when she was shot multiple times by a gunman. Her car then traveled about 100 feet before crashing into two other cars.

Witnesses said the gunman may have fled on the Garden State Parkway.

No politics involved, Democrat says

Police have said it appears Dwumfour was targeted, but they haven't said why. While her murder may look political, Murphy, a Democrat, doesn't see it that way.

He acknowledged there's "no evidence it was accidental," but he emphasized that the crime "does not appear to be related to her position as an elected councilwoman in Sayreville."

The governor pledged that Dwumfour's killer would be found and brought to justice.

“But nothing’s gonna bring her back, sadly, and this is a huge, huge tragedy and loss," he said. “I promise you that we’ll do anything we can to track down this murderer."

Slain woman "loved God"

Dwumfour was elected to the Sayresville Borough council in 2021 as a red wave swept through New Jersey that nearly unseated Murphy.

Her family hails from Ghana but she was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey. She leaves behind a little girl and a husband from Nigeria whom she recently married.

"She loved God. Every aspect of her life was God,” her sister Priscilla said.

Her murder comes as a widening political divide has led to a rise in violent threats toward politicians across the spectrum and their families, from Nancy Pelosi's (D-Ca.) husband Paul Pelosi to conservative Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

If it turns out that Dwumfour was indeed killed for her political or religious beliefs, will the media cover it or look away?

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