New op-ed calls first lady 'Dirty Jill'

 November 1, 2023

A new PJ Media op-ed by Victoria Taft refers to First Lady Jill Biden as "Dirty Jill," compares her to much-disliked Hillary Clinton, and suggests that she may be the kingpin of the Biden crime family.

Taft, an award-winning journalist, recounts how Jill pushed her aging, already-diminished husband into running for president in 2020, telling him "You gotta run. Because there’s so much at stake." This is according to her own account of how it happened.

Her lack of considering the country's best interests is why Taft labeled her Jillary, because Hillary Clinton did the same thing when she "stood up for her man" in the wake of revelations that then-President Bill Clinton was a sex-addicted douchebag.

Hillary went on to say that Juanita Broaddrick was a liar for saying Bill raped her in 1978. This was before the "Me too" movement, but still, it was a shady move to not even consider that she might be telling the truth.

Was Jill in charge?

Jill similarly seems to be in denial about her husband's own indiscretions, but that wasn't really Taft's point.

Because she was along for the ride as her hubby continually claimed to be the "poorest man in Congress" despite buying million-dollar houses every couple years, Taft is convinced she knew about all the alleged payoffs coming into the family and could have even been the one in charge.

That might be a stretch because she has not been implicated in any of the goings-on so far. Stranger things have happened though.

Certainly, she had to know about what was going on. Millions of dollars unaccounted for coming through her household could not just be overlooked.

Bidens emulated Clintons

Ostensibly, Taft said, the Bidens observed what the Clintons did in creating a shady foundation and scoring hefty book deals to buy the New York Mansion Hillary would use as her base of operations as Senator and Secretary of State.

As Taft noted, the Clintons then "watched the dark money roll in."

The Obamas did the same thing, and now have their own mansions to show for it.

It's no surprise that the Bidens wanted some of that for themselves, and Jill was likely a part of that if she was the one who pushed Joe to run in 2020.

Who knows when the president and leader of the free world last made a decision on his own?

And who knows Jill's part in it all?

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