New polls show Trump dominating Biden in 2024, Dems panicked

 November 8, 2023

Former President Donald Trump, despite his mountain of legal problems, continues to hold a commanding lead in the GOP primary polling. 

But the real nightmare for Democrats is a number of several hypothetical matchup polls that show Trump beating President Joe Biden in the 2024 general election.

Trump, who testified this week in the New York civil case brought against him by New York AG Letitia James, is a total nightmare for the judge overseeing the case -- a Democrat.

The former president is especially looking good against Biden in almost all major swing states, which likely has Biden's 2024 campaign losing lots of sleep.

Democrats reeling

The latest polls finally brought out the truth from several major Democratic players, who have sounded the proverbial alarm in recent days.

Swing states, which are beyond crucial for any presidential candidate, are leaning Trump's way, to a large degree, sending shockwaves through the Democratic Party.

The Guardian noted:

Swing state voters say they trust Trump over Biden on the economy by a 22-point margin, 59% to 37%, according to this weekend’s poll from the New York Times and Siena College.

The outlet added:

The same poll showed Trump beating Biden in five of the six most important battleground states exactly a year before the presidential election, although if Trump were to be convicted of criminal charges against him, some of his support would erode by about 6%.

Trump has long insisted that the trial is nothing more than a cheap and unfair attempt by his Democratic enemies to hamstring his 2024 campaign.

"These are all political opponent attack ads by the Biden administration, their poll numbers are terrible. The New York Times came back with a poll that I’m leading all over the place, but it’s a very unfair situation," Trump said after testifying this week.

David Axelrod confesses

In the wake of the publication of the polls that show Biden and his campaign going down in flames across the country, former President Obama chief strategist David Axelrod sent shockwaves through the party, suggesting Biden drop out.

"Only @JoeBiden can make this decision. If he continues to run, he will be the nominee of the Democratic Party. What he needs to decide is whether that is wise; whether it's in HIS best interest or the country's?" Axelrod wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Trump, no matter his legal situation, is a real problem for the Biden campaign, and as more polls continue to emerge that tell the same story, Democrats will need to make some last minute major changes.

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