New report suggests Biden is losing votes in a key swing state

November 12, 2023

A new report from Politico suggests that, with the 2024 general election drawing nearer, President Joe Biden is losing votes in the important swing state of Michigan. 

Biden, according to the report, is specifically losing votes from certain sectors of Michigan's population as the result of his pro-Israel messaging, amid the Israel-Palestine conflict that has broken out following Hamas's Oct. 7 terrorist attack on Israel.

The report is titled, "He Lost Our Votes": How Biden's Israel Policy Is Costing Him Dearly in This Critical Swing State. 

The quote, "He Lost Our Votes," comes from Osama Siblani, the publisher of Arab American News.

"He Lost Our Votes"

Siblani, who came to America from Lebanon in the 1970s, included the quote, "He Lost Our Votes," in one of the latest issues of his newspaper.

It appears that Siblani's paper has recently been extremely critical of the Biden administration for its handling of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Politico reports:

The previous issue of his newspaper called out the Israeli government’s bombing campaign as “GENOCIDE” and showed Biden hugging Benjamin Netanyahu on the top left side cover with the tagline, “WARMONGERS.” (U.N. human rights experts started raising the alarm about “mass ethnic cleansing” of Palestinians on October 14, and have since put out statements warning that Palestinians are at “grave risk of genocide.”) The issue he’s now prepping will once again castigate the Biden administration: “HE LOST OUR VOTES.”

The outlet goes on to quote Siblani as criticizing Biden for several things, including his call for aid for Israel in its conflict with Palestine. Politico reports, in Siblani's view, "Democrats’ support of providing military assistance to the Israeli government is aiding in mass civilian casualties on the Palestinian side — and is blatantly hypocritical."

Accordingly, Siblani told Politico, "We are not going to vote for these people, we’re going to show them that our vote has value, that America has to be fair, and that fairness means that you have to find solutions for problems, not go and make more problems in the world."

This is becoming a serious problem for Biden

It ought to be emphasized that this is not a small problem for Biden.

Biden is not just losing votes in Michigan. Other reports are showing that Biden is also losing votes in other parts of the country with large local Muslim populations, such as in Minnesota.

Biden has tried to appease these groups by releasing statements supporting Palestinian civilians.

But, this appeasement effort does not appear to be working.

On Saturday, Fox News reported that hundreds of pro-Palestine protesters marched to Biden's home in Delaware, saying, along the way, such things as, "Biden, Biden, you can't hide! We charge you with genocide!"

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