New York Democrats call on Biden to address migrant crisis

July 31, 2023

Conservatives have long slammed President Joe Biden over his handling of the ongoing migrant crisis along America's southern border.

Yet in a surprising move, even some members of the president's own party are publicly calling on him to end the chaos. 

New York overwhelmed by "unprecedented" flow of migrants

According to ABC7, 54 Democratic officials in New York City recently sent Biden a letter saying that the influx of illegals has become unsustainable.

The officials began their correspondence by writing, "Dear President Biden, we are elected officials from New York requesting your help."

"Our City is experiencing an unprecedented migrant influx, with a surge of asylum seekers arriving here in numbers never seen before in history," they pointed out.

"We are pleading for the White House to step in"

"While we welcome immigrants to our City, the current unstructured state of immigration policy and response needs to end," the local leaders continued.

"That is why we are pleading for the White House to step in and take leadership over the influx of asylum seekers," they declared.

Mayor says city "cannot continue to absorb" illegal migrants

Meanwhile, Fox News reported earlier in the month that New York City Democratic Mayor Eric Adams complained his jurisdiction has "no more room for migrants."

"We stated several months ago that we have reached full capacity and that full capacity was verbalized, and now New York is just going to be visually actualized," Adams was quoted as telling reporters at a press conference on July 20.

"We’re going to see how much of our cup has basically runneth over. We have no more room in the city, and we need help," he stressed.

"We cannot continue to absorb tens of thousands of newcomers on our own without the help of the state and federal government," the mayor insisted.

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