New York Democrats move towards gas stove ban

 March 26, 2023

While Democrats have accused those who fear a gas stove ban of being conspiracy theorists, a recent bill proves that accusation was a lie. 

Fox News reported this weekend that New York Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul is supporting a budget provision which would outlaw the inclusion of gas stoves in most new construction projects.

Other gas-powered appliances also targeted

Water heaters and furnaces powered by fossil fuels would also be targeted by the legislation, which is expected to be passed this coming week.

A series of exemptions will apply to emergency backup generators as well as gas-powered appliances in hospitals, laundromats, and commercial kitchens.

According to Fox News, this represents the first time that gas stoves have been targeted via legislation, as previous attempts to limit their use in California and Washington state involve the use of building codes.

While New York residents who already have gas stoves would be permitted to keep them, Fox News noted that Hochul's climate plan calls for their eventual removal.

Critics say gas stove concerns "not substantiated by sound science"

The Biden administration caused an outcry in January after Consumer Product Safety Commission head Richard Trumka Jr. suggested that a federal gas stove ban could be in the works. The suggestion was later walked back.

Fox Business reported that the American Gas Association (AGA) pushed back on calls to ban gas stoves, calling them "reckless" and part of a "misguided agenda."

"A December 2022 report in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health linking natural gas cooking with asthma is not substantiated by sound science," Fox Business quoted it as saying in a statement.

"Any discussion or perpetuation of the allegations in this report which is funded by non-governmental organizations to advance their agenda to remove consumer energy choice and the option of natural gas is reckless," the organization added.

Liberal journalist calls Republican complaints "bulls--t"

Meanwhile, Fox News reported in January that left-wing journalist John Heilemann mocked Republicans for raising alarm about gas stoves during an appearance on MSNBC's "Morning Joe."

"It's great politics if all you care about is feeding your base. It's not great politics… if what you care about is becoming a national governing majority," Heilemann declared.

"It just happens that the sugar high that the Republican Party is addicted to is like bad bathtub meth," he went on to allege.

"It's like rotting their brains at the same time, and it’s rotting their ability to be competitive outside this very narrow piece of the electorate that’s willing to believe this bulls--t," Heilemann insisted.

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