New York Jets Owner Says Voters Remember Life 'Better' Under Trump

 February 12, 2024

Being an NFL owner, Woody Johnson is living the ultimate dream for a lot of Americans.

But is he living the American dream?

According to the owner of the New York Jets, most Americans are not.

But they were under Trump.

Johnson made the comments on Fox News' Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo:

"Americans remember how good it was or how much better it was on the border, and inflation, and gas prices, and grocery prices, all that, during the Trump administration, and they want to get back there. So I think the most important thing is getting the former president back in the White House, which looks like it’s happening."

Many billionaires are often out-of-touch with what would work for ordinary Americans.

Woody Johnson is not.

He knows that the best version of America works for everyone.

Joe Biden's America does not.

Seriously, don't let liberals tell you that your eyes are lying to you.

Try to think back five years ago.

How much were you spending on groceries in 2019?

I GUARANTEE it was less than those exact same groceries cost in Joe Biden's America.

Gas prices have skyrocketed under Joe Biden.

There's been a shortage of multiple critical items such as medicine and baby formula.

Liberals try to pretend that there is more nuance behind economics and that we're all too dumb to figure it out, but that simply isn't true.

Outrageous prices aren't good for ordinary Americans, that means there is less money circulating around America's economy.

It's not just New York Jets's owner Woody Johnson who thinks that life was better back under Donald Trump, Johnson is right to say that many Americans feel like that.

That's why Donald Trump is currently leading Joe Biden in the polls.

The Economist's most updated political polls show Donald Trump at around 45% support with Joe Biden down around 42% support.

You don't have to be a math expert to realize that such figures are AMAZING news for Donald Trump.

Recent years have showed polling bias toward Democrats in recent presidential races, so for Trump to actually be AHEAD in the polls?

Joe Biden's in some serious trouble.

Just like Americans are when they're living under him.

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Thomas Jefferson
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