New York judge rejects Trump's request to delay enforcement of $450 million judgment

 February 29, 2024

A New York appellate judge shot down Donald Trump's request to delay payment of the draconian $450 million judgment in his civil fraud case while he pursues an appeal. 

The ruling from Judge Anil Singh means that Trump has to pay the full amount by March 25 or post an equivalent bond.

However, Singh blocked a part of the verdict against Trump that banned him from taking out loans at New York banks, which could help him post the bond.

Trump denied by appeals court

In a February ruling, Judge Arthur Engoron fined Trump $350 million plus interest and banned him and his sons from doing business in New York for three and two years, respectively. The judgment grows by $112,000 every day it isn't paid.

Trump had offered to pay $100 million bond, a huge sum that is nevertheless a fraction of the staggering penalty, which now amounts to over $450 million.

The fraud verdict is controversial particularly because there are no victims in the case, and Judge Engoron acknowledged that Trump paid his loans back on time and in full.

In their request to delay enforcement of the judgment, Trump's lawyers said the "exorbitant and punitive" amount made it impossible for Trump to pay the bond in full.

“No one, including Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Donald Trump, has five hundred million laying around,” Trump lawyer Christopher Kise said during an emergency hearing Wednesday.

"Facially absurd" penalty

Trump's lawyers also cited Engoron's ban on borrowing as an obstacle to paying the full bond amount.

They blasted the "facially absurd" penalty as the result of a "zealous quest to inflict untoward punishment" and warned it could force Trump to sell off his properties with no way of getting them back, in the event he wins on appeal.

Judge Singh reversed the lending ban, while also allowing Trump and his sons Donald Jr. and Eric to continue running the family business for now.

Singh sits on the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of New York, which despite its name is an intermediate court.

The attorney general who won the judgment against Trump, Democrat Letitia James, has warned she is ready to seize Trump's assets to cover the fine.

A panel of five appellate judges will review Trump's request and render its own decision soon.

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