New York Post blamed for causing Hillary Clinton's 2016 election loss

 February 24, 2024

The New York Post is catching heat for supposedly causing the downfall of Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign.

Democrat strategist Jessica Tarlov claimed that it was in fact the New York Times and their coverage of Clinton's email scandal that led to Clinton's humiliating defeat and the rise of former President Donald Trump.

During a Friday episode of Outnumbered on Fox News, Tarlov was in a discussion with a panel about how much cover organizations like the New York Times run for Democrats.

Tarlov argued that conservative beliefs about mainstream media organizations is misguided and that Democrats have more of a bone to pick with those organizations than conservatives do.

How accurate such claims are can be debated but one thing for sure, Hillary Clinton holds a grudge and it seems unlikely that she has forgotten any negative coverage she got during the 2016 election.

Email scandal coverage

Tarlov argued that many liberals are angry with the New York Times for taking "unnecessary shots at Democrats” due to the “need for clickbait."

Accepting that argument at face value, you can hardly blame a media organization for running stories that their readers want to read.

However, Tarlov, like many of her Democrat compatriots, are missing the fundamental issue with this situation. Instead of being angry at Clinton for doing something wrong, they are mad at the New York Times for the slightest negative coverage.

Tarlov claimed "The truth of the matter is, is that the New York Times was responsible for Hillary Clinton losing the 2016 election. The server story came from there, and the Uranium One story came from there."

Her fellow panelist, Harris Faulkner pushed back by asking why Tarlov and her fellow Democrats were mad at a newspaper for reporting the news.

She responded by saying, "Well, no, because it ended up that she didn’t do it. That’s the that’s the problem with it. So there is a overwhelming feeling on the left that because of the need for clickbait and to keep people engaged and keep people watching and tuning in, that people are taking unnecessary shots at Democrats."

The truth doesn't matter

To Democrats, the truth does not matter, only the agenda of the party. Tarlov is living in denial as demonstrated by her claims that Clinton's scandals were fabricated fake news.

For the New York Times and other leftist media, they need to learn that they aren't allowed to run a negative story on any Democrats as it would constitute "unnecessary shots," that are helping the other side.

There is no desire for integrity or holding their candidates accountable. Tarlov's comments are extremely illuminating for anyone wanting to understand how the left views the media.

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