New York Post editors call out Obama for blatant lies and disingenuous claims about Biden's job growth and work ethic

 April 5, 2024

Many Americans undoubtedly recall former President Barack Obama's loose relationship with the truth and his frequent willingness to replace it with blatant dishonesty or disingenuous half-truths to help advance his partisan agenda.

Those who may have forgotten were reminded this week that "Obama is back to his lies" as the former president was called out for his "disturbing disinformation and dangerous delusions" about President Joe Biden's job performance, courtesy of the New York Post's Editorial Board.

Obama's back with more dishonesty

"Barack 'If You Like Your Health Plan' Obama lied shamelessly while president, and now he’s at it again," the Post's board declared in response to comments Obama made during a recent campaign fundraiser event with President Biden.

In an X post over the weekend, Obama shared a video clip of his remarks in which he sought to make the "positive case" for Biden's re-election -- remarks that were rather dubious in terms of accuracy and truthfulness.

It was Obama's caption of that video clip that caught the attention of the Post's board and earned a rebuttal, as the former president declared, "From record-breaking job growth to expanding health care coverage, @JoeBiden has spent each and every day working on behalf of the American people. I can’t say the same about the guy running against him."

Aside from the pandemic, job growth was better under Trump than Biden

In response to that questionable caption from former President Obama, the Post's board wrote, "Biden can pretend we saw 'record-breaking job growth' on his watch only by disingenuously counting recovered jobs sidelined by COVID."

They added, "Adjust for that, and job growth under Biden falls short of what 'the guy running against him' accomplished pre-pandemic."

Indeed, the Post linked to a November 2023 op-ed about how Democrats were "gaslighting" the American people about the purported job growth under President Biden that was, in essence, him claiming credit for jobs that began under his predecessor, former President Donald Trump, if not even before him.

Per a House Budget Committee report that year, it was estimated that roughly 70% of the jobs supposedly "created" under Biden's watch were nothing more than pre-existing jobs that were shut down during the pandemic and then later recovered as the economy and society gradually reopened as COVID-19 subsided.

The op-ed also knocked the blatant dishonesty of Democrats in claiming that Trump lost an average of 56,000 jobs per month while president, which spread the job losses from 2020 over his entire four-year tenure. Looking at job gains up until the pandemic hit, it was revealed that Trump actually oversaw the gain of around 181,000 jobs per month -- far more than the average gains of 107,000 jobs per month under Biden, if the falsely credited recovered jobs were removed from his total.

Biden far outpaces Trump with vacation time

The Post's Editorial Board also took issue with former President Obama's claim that President Biden was spending "each and every day working" for the American people, a claim it discounted as a "real laugher" in light of the excessive and "troubling" amount of "R&R" that Biden has enjoyed thus far in his presidency.

The board linked to a December 2023 report which revealed that Biden had spent 37% of that year on vacation at either his home or beach house in Delaware, the Camp David presidential retreat, or at the resort-like residences of wealthy donors.

Rather ironically, given Obama's attempt to draw a comparison between Biden and Trump, the Post observed that for all of the frequent grief Trump received for his golf outings and trips to Mar-a-Lago in Florida, the Republican president was only officially on vacation for about 26% of his tenure in the White House -- far less than the amount of time that Biden has been away from his job.

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