New York Post op-ed calls Biden's 'equity agenda' racist

 March 13, 2023

While President Joe Biden campaigned on a pledge to unite Americans, a recent opinion piece accuses his administration of discriminating against some of them based on their race. 

Penned by members of the New York Post's editorial board this weekend, it noted that "the executive branch is increasingly going to push racial 'equity.'"

Executive order demands the creation of "equity action plans"

The editors were referring to an executive order Biden signed last month which requires all federal agencies to submit "equity action plans."

What's more, agencies are to create "agency equity teams" for the purpose of advancing "racial equity and support for underserved communities."

According to the Post's editors, this "noble-sounding" move "has nothing to do with treating people fairly" but is really about "treating (some) minorities better than whites and other groups when it comes to, for example, federal jobs and grants."

This, they argue, violates the country's "bedrock principles" along with "laws like the Civil Rights Act, which bars the use of race in hiring."

White people were excluded from $3.8 billion debt-relief program

The editors pointed out that last month's executive order comes on top of "some 300 woke programs" which "focus explicitly on race, prioritizing minorities for government grants, jobs, contracts and outreach."

As an example, they cited a provision of the American Rescue Plan which created a $3.8 billion debt-relief program that exclusively paid minority farmers up to 120% of their outstanding loans no matter their financial state.

While a federal judge halted the program, there continue to be "whole new departments and six-figure, senior-level posts to oversee equity efforts."

Meanwhile, the Department of Defense sought out an additional $86.5 million last year in order to fund its "diversity and inclusion activities."

Tucker Carlson: Biden administration sees straight white men as "the enemy"

"Americans of every race and political stripe ought to be livid at this patent discrimination and abuse of public resources," the editors wrote as they drew to a close.

"Favoring some at the expense of others is wasteful, unfair and un-American and only sows resentment and division. It needs to end pronto," they concluded.

The Post's editorial board is not alone in taking issue with Biden's equity order, as Fox News host Tucker Carlson has too. He summed up the mindset behind it during a broadcast last month, telling viewers, "So, we're all in this together, except those guys who are on the outs. It's all of us versus them, straight white men."

"They will not be protected because they are, by virtue of being straight and white and male, the cause of the problem. They're the enemy," Carlson remarked.

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