Newly elected GOP congressman faces charges in Brazil

 January 4, 2023

New York Republican Representative-elect George Santos was recently marred by revelations that he lied about his life and career. However, a new report indicates that Santos is also facing criminal charges overseas.  

According to The New York Times, Santos was charged by Brazilian authorities in 2008 over a stolen checkbook. Yet while the charges were suspended due to authorities being unable to locate him, prosecutors are now seeking to revive them.

Fraud incident occurred

The Times cited a statement from a spokeswoman for the Rio de Janeiro prosecutor’s office as saying her office will request that  the U.S. Justice Department provide Santos with notification of the situation.

The incident is alleged to have occurred just a month before Santos turned 20 and took place in the Brazilian city of Niterói, which is located near Rio de Janeiro.

Santos reportedly admitted in a 2009 social media post to fraudulently spending $700 from the checkbook, telling the shop owner, "I know I screwed up, but I want to pay."

In 2010, Santos told Brazilian police that the victim was an individual his mother once worked for and that he had used the checkbook to illegally buy goods.

Although a Brazilian judge approved charges against Santos in 2011, he already moved to the United States and was living in New York.

For his part, Santos has denied engaging in illegal activity, telling the New York Post last month, "I am not a criminal. My sins here are embellishing my resume. I’m sorry."

Investigation announced

However, Fox News reported last week that Nassau County District Attorney Anne Donnelly, a Republican, will conduct a probe of Santos.

"The numerous fabrications and inconsistencies associated with Congressman-Elect Santos are nothing short of stunning," Donnelly was quoted as saying in a statement.

"The residents of Nassau County and other parts of the third district must have an honest and accountable representative in Congress," Donnelly continued, adding, "No one is above the law and if a crime was committed in this county, we will prosecute it."

Meanwhile, Santos has been condemned by fellow New York Republicans, with Representative-elect Nick LaLota issuing a sharply worded statement.

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