Newly liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court removes director of Wisconsin's court system.

 August 4, 2023

The Wisconsin Supreme Court recently flipped and is now controlled 4-3 by a liberal majority which has already embarked on a concerning agenda.

After 15 years of conservative rule, the court is in the hands of the left and they are wasting no time in using it. On it's first day with a liberal majority, the four liberal justices unilaterally decided to fire Randy Koschnick, who served as the director of the state’s court system.

The move prompted strong criticism from Chief Justice Annette Kingsland Ziegler who blasted the move as "flawed procedurally, legally, and on its merit."

These four justices fired Koschnick without input from the other three justices on the court signaling that the liberal justices on the court are determined to wield their power without any checks from their conservative peers.

Abuse of power

Koschnick has been working as the court director since 2017 when he was appointed by the court's previously conservative majority.

He believed his removal was "political," as there was no other reason for him to be so unceremoniously removed.

Justice Ziegler's statement noted, "The unauthorized action to fire Director Koschnick was made without regard for the Constitution, case law, or supreme court rules which address who can fill such a position of public trust. Moreover, as I stated earlier, this decision impacts more than Director Koschnick. It impacts the many valued, devoted, hardworking employees in the court system who are likely left wondering who and what is next? Our courts deserve stability. This type of action has never occurred simply because a new justice secures a new majority, whether liberal or conservative. Certainly, when former Justice Michael Gableman won his seat in 2008, the court did not fire then-Director of State Courts A. John Voelker. In fact, Mr. Voelker stayed on for many years until he resigned after accepting a position with the Department of Employee Trust Funds in the summer of 2014."

So the firing of Koschnick was both unprecedented and unwarranted which is raising concerns about what else the new liberal majority will do with their new-found power.

Koschnick was a valued member of the court system and received an award from the State Bar of Wisconsin for his work in transitioning courts to online infrastructure amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, none of that mattered to the four liberal justices of the court who seemingly have no regard for appearing bipartisan.

Koschnick stated, "It's a rogue new liberal majority running roughshod over the rule of law in Wisconsin."

Battle for the judiciary

This fight over Koschnick illustrates how important it is for conservatives to be involved in state level judicial races.

The importance of holding the Supreme Court of the United States is clear to everyone, but that same energy needs to be directed towards state-level courts as well.

This new leftist majority will make life harder for Americans and rule in favor of eroding constitutional freedoms and Wisconsinites will pay the price.

" A free people [claim] their rights, as derived from the laws of nature."
Thomas Jefferson
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