News anchor shares sad update regarding her pregnancy

 February 4, 2024

A popular Texas news anchor shared deeply personal information on air last week regarding her first pregnancy.

According to Daily Mail, Shannon Murray, an anchor on FOX 4 "Good Day" revealed that her daughter will be born with a rare heart condition, which understandably caused her to break down in tears.

Her daughter is due in March, and doctors revealed that the newborn will be born with Tetralogy of Fallot with pulmonary atresia, a rare heart condition.

Her segment quickly went viral, and many who have experienced similar situations sympathized with her.

"Focused on fighting"

Fighting through tears, Murray vowed that she and her family are "focused on fighting" to make sure their daughter remains as health as she can be.

"In the short-term we're focused on fighting for our daughter and being her advocates, while also trying to remain joyful and excited about the pregnancy and becoming parents," she said.

Murray added, "And we can't wait to meet her."

The Daily Mail noted:

Murray candidly broke the news to viewers as she has updated them on her wedding and her pregnancy in the past and said that her and her husband 'wanted to be transparent.'

Murray went on to say that once her daughter is born she will immediately go into emergency surgeries to save her life.

Murray admitted that she and her husband have spent months researching the rare and potentially deadly condition while also processing the harsh reality of the situation.

Social media reacts

Murray received an outpouring of support across social media, with many users lifting her up in prayer as she and her husband prepare for what will undoubtedly be a fight.

"Praying for you guys as you navigate this new normal. As an uncle of a now 19yo nephew who had a heart issue at birth and has participated in various rigorous sports, Stella can definitely have a healthy and active life," one X user wrote.

Another X user added, "Praying you and your husband Chris and of course for Baby Stella! The Lord heals and restores. Looking forward to hear about the many beautiful adventures that Stella will have!! God Bless you!!! Luke 1:45."

Hopefully, through God's grace and an outpouring of prayers and support, their newborn will receive the treatment she needs to be as healthy as she can be.

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