News documentary argues that Michelle Obama will run for president this year

 January 3, 2024

Morning Consult released yet another poll this week which showed President Joe Biden losing to former President Donald Trump.

However, there are growing suspicions that the Democratic Party is planning to drop Biden and replace him with former First Lady Michelle Obama. 

Filmmaker says Mrs. Obama is a "better politician" than her husband

Among those touting the idea is conservative filmmaker Joel Gilbert, who recently laid out the evidence behind it in a documentary called "Michelle Obama 2024: Her Real Life Story and Plan for Power."

Gilbert spoke with Blaze Media host Jason Whitlock about the project on Tuesday, saying, "Michelle is highly political, and I’m convinced she’s been preparing to run for president for some years now."

The filmmaker told Whitlock that he regards Mrs. Obama as being a "better politician" than her husband, former President Barack Obama.

Former first lady has benefited from "15 years of all-positive publicity"

Whereas Gilbert characterized the former president as being someone who "goes off on tangents" while sounding "very forced and labored," he said that Mrs. Obama connects with audiences as "a more natural speaker."

"She comes across more authentic," he continued before adding, "Between the two of them, she is the force in the relationship."

What's more, Gilbert recalled how the former first lady benefited from "15 years of all-positive publicity," something which has turned her into a "pop-culture phenomenon."

"She’s probably the best-loved Democrat, maybe the most popular person in the country, if not the entire world," he insisted.

"She would be a formidable opponent. She can appeal to nostalgia: 'Remember how much you loved the Obama years?'" Gilbert went on to point out.

Recent poll finds that Biden's support among black voters has fallen to 63%

Speculation about a potential White House run for the former first lady comes even as polling data suggests that Biden is struggling to generate enthusiasm within the black community.

A survey conducted by USA Today and Suffolk University found Biden's support among black voters has dropped from 87% three years ago to just 63% as of late last month.

In another worrying sign for Democrats, Politico reported this week that popular African American radio host Charlamagne tha God now says he regrets having endorsed the president as well as Vice President Kamala Harris in 2020.

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