NFL rule kept Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce apart prior to Super Bowl

 February 12, 2024

Pop music star Taylor Swift was prominently featured at the Super Bowl on Sunday as she cheered on her boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

Yet as the Daily Mail explained, there was something that kept Swift and Kelce separated from one another on Saturday night.  

NFL rule prevents players from seeing wives and girlfriends prior to game

According to the newspaper, "NFL rules forbid players from staying with their wives or girlfriends on the evenings before a game."

The Daily Mail added that enforcement of this prohibition by the National Football League " ramped up on Super Bowl week."

As a result, Swift flew to Los Angeles from Tokyo and where she "made a pit stop" at her home rather than traveling directly to Las Vegas.

However, the pair were allowed to embrace in an on-field celebration after Kelce's Chiefs scored a victory over the San Francisco 49ers.

Kelce "flipped a few things over" during half-time speech

While Swift has had a successful career as a performer, Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Mecole Hardman said that her boyfriend delivered a performance of his own at half-time.

The Daily Mail quoted Hardman as telling CBS that Kelce "set the fire on everybody" when addressing his teammates.

Hardman added that the tight end "definitely came with a passionate speech at halftime" and "flipped a few things over" while encouraging his fellow Chiefs.

"But, he definitely had a good speech for us. It's just to get everybody going and it definitely got fuel to the fire and we came out that second half just doing better than we did in the first half," Hardman continued.

"Saying how much we appreciate each other. And obviously Taylor was there as well. She was just saying congratulations, basically. It definitely was a good moment right there," the wide receiver added.

Kelce says Hardman is among his "favorite teammates ever"

The Daily Mail reported that for his part, Kelce expressed words of praise and admiration for Hardman, calling him one of his "favorite teammates ever."

"Man, I couldn't be happier for my guy man," Kelce declared, adding that Hardman " keeps trying to find ways to win."

"It brought me to tears seeing that he was the man that he was the man that got us this ring," Kelce added, referring to how Hardman had caught the Super Bowl-winning touchdown.

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