NFL Star Ryan Shazier Files For Divorce After Cheating Accusations

 January 14, 2024

TMZ sports is reporting that in early January 2024, Ryan Shazier filed for divorce from his wife of several years.

Shazier is famous for being an NFL star with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Shazier has been able to overcome a lot of obstacles in his life, including an injury on the playing field that left doctors unsure if Ryan Shazier was ever going to be able to function normally again.

In 2017, during a Monday Night Football game against the Cincinnati Bengals, Shazier experienced one of the worst injuries in the history of the National Football League.

December 4, 2017.

Shazier sustained what appeared to be a severe back injury after a head-on tackle that left Shazier unable to move his legs.

After stabilization, Shazier was teken to the hospital where it was discovered that he had undergone a spinal contusion.

Three days after the injury occurred, Shazier underwent spinal stabilization surgery to secure the injured section of his spine.

The injury essentially ended Shazier's career as a player in the NFL, as he was never able to make it on the field as a player again.

He did not retire for a few years and tried to play in both 2018 and 2019, but was sidelined for the entirety of the season because of his injury both times.

Shazier never gave up his dream of participating in the NFL though, and would go on to become a coach in the league.

Despite all of the adversity that Shazier has gotten past in his life, it would appear as if this latest problem isn't going to be something he can shake off.

We're talking about cheating allegations.

In November of 2023, Shazier's wife accused him of cheating.

It's now two months later, and it would appear as though Ryan Shazier and his wife are getting a divorce.

The couple's controversy started when Michelle Shazier accused Ryan Shazier of sending explicit texts to another woman.

She suggested that "Ryan was engaged in flirtatious and sexually suggestive messages with someone else," according to TMZ.

I don't know if she confronted him privately, but taking the issue public instantly seemed to strain the relationship between the two.

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