Nikki Haley called 'the new John Kerry' by child during school appearance

 December 29, 2023

Former US ambassador to the United Nations and presidential candidate Nikki Haley faced a series of challenges during a town hall event in North Conway, New Hampshire.

The morning after addressing her decision not to mention slavery as a key cause of the Civil War at a previous event, Haley encountered a new inquiry from a 9-year-old boy who questioned her role in the Trump administration.

The incident

Haley, who served as the US ambassador to the UN during Donald Trump's presidency, has defended her decision to work under the 45th president.

During her presidential campaign, she has criticized Trump's potential effectiveness in a second term, citing the "chaos" he generates.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie accused Haley of being too lenient on Trump, suggesting that her stance aims to position herself for a potential White House run in 2028.

The 9-year-old at the town hall humorously remarked, "Chris Christie thinks you're a flip-flopper on the Donald Trump issue, and honestly, I agree with him. You're basically the new John Kerry."

The child questioned how Haley could change her opinion in just eight years and asked if she would pardon Donald Trump.

Haley's response

Responding to the child's inquiry, Haley argued that both "anti-Trumpers" and "pro-Trumpers" criticize her approach to the former president. The exchange highlights the challenges politicians face in navigating evolving political landscapes and adapting to changing public opinions.

As Haley continues her presidential campaign, she must address these critiques while attempting to establish a consistent and resonant message for voters.

The town hall event in North Conway showcased the complexities of political discourse and the scrutiny faced by candidates in addressing their political decisions and stances.

Other issues

Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley faced criticism after she sidestepped discussing slavery during an event in Berlin, New Hampshire when a voter inquired about the causes of the Civil War. The incident gained widespread attention and became viral.

Around the same timeframe, Chris Christie's campaign released a low-key advertisement where the former New Jersey governor intensified his verbal criticisms of Donald Trump.

In a direct-to-camera ad, Christie asserted, "He caused a riot on Capitol Hill. He'll burn America to the ground to help himself. Every Republican leader says that in private. I'm the only one saying it in public. What kind of president do we want, a liar or someone who's got the guts to tell the truth? New Hampshire. It's up to you."

Haley continues to be controversial in her efforts to gain on Trump's lead, with her latest school appearance causing some laughs for those in attendance.

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