After ending her presidential campaign, Nikki Haley hired by national security think tank

 April 16, 2024

Some analysts have surmised that the political career of Nikki Haley, the former United Nations ambassador and governor of South Carolina, was essentially ended by her presidential primary challenge against former President Donald Trump for the 2024 Republican nomination.

Those predictions may have just been rendered true following an announcement that Haley has joined the Hudson Institute, a conservative think tank focused on national security issues, according to South Carolina's The Post and Courier.

The revelation comes just about one month after Haley effectively resigned from the presidential race and suspended her futile campaign following a crushing primary election defeat to Trump in more than a dozen states on Super Tuesday in March.

Hudson Institute announces new position for Haley

In a Hudson Institute press release on Monday, former Ambassador Haley, who won Hudson's Global Leadership Award in 2018, said in a statement, "When our policymakers fail to call out our enemies or acknowledge the importance of our alliances, the world is less safe. That is why Hudson’s work is so critical."

"They believe the American people should have the facts and policymakers should have the solutions to support a secure, free, and prosperous future," she added. "I look forward to partnering with them to defend the principles that make America the greatest country in the world."

Haley was welcomed to Hudson by the Institute's President and CEO John Walters, who said, "Nikki is a proven, effective leader on both foreign and domestic policy," and added, "In an era of worldwide political upheaval, she has remained a steadfast defender of freedom and an effective advocate for American security and prosperity. We are honored to have her join the Hudson team."

She will take on the position of the Walter P. Stern Chair, named in honor of the Institute's former chairman who elevated the think tank's standing in Washington D.C., which is a "fitting" title for her, according to Hudson's Board of Trustees Chair Sarah May Stern.

"She is a courageous and insightful policymaker and these qualities are vital in making Hudson the powerhouse policy organization it is today, and I am extremely proud that she has joined the Institute," Stern said of Haley.

Differing foreign policy outlook the main contrast between Trump and Haley

According to Fox News, former Ambassador Haley was the first major candidate to enter the Republican primary race and challenge former President Trump for the party's nomination and was also the last major candidate to drop out of that race and cede the nomination to her former boss.

It was an at-times bitter campaign featuring personal attacks between the two candidates who most notably differed sharply on foreign policy and national security issues.

While both Trump and Haley certainly stood for a strong national defense, Trump's stance was centered on his America First non-interventionist ideal while Haley embraced the older establishment GOP stance of "muscular" U.S. intervention, both diplomatically and militarily, in various conflicts around the globe that even nominally touched on American interests.

The outlet noted that Haley has yet to endorse Trump as the presumptive Republican nominee, and seemed to suggest that her former boss had work to do to win over the support of her and others who share her views, as she said at the time of her campaign's suspension, "It is now up to Donald Trump to earn the votes of those in our party and beyond it who did not support him. And I hope he does that."

Not the only former Trump official to join Hudson

The Post and Courier reported that it was unknown at this time if Haley would receive a salary for her new position at the Hudson Institute or if it would require her to spend most of her time at the organization's headquarters in Washington D.C.

It was also noted that she is not the first alumni from the Trump administration to join Hudson, as she follows others like former Attorney General Bill Barr, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and former Transportation Sec. Elaine Chao.

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