Nikki Haley purchased a mansion, built $8 million fortune after leaving office in 2018

 January 5, 2024

The New York Post reported late last month that Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley purchased a $2.4 million one year after she stepped down as United Nations ambassador in 2018.

That revelation comes even as her rivals are highlighting Haley's ties to members of the corporate donor class. 

Home is equipped with an elevator, tiered balconies, and poolside kitchen

The Mediterranean-style mansion is located on South Carolina's Kiawah Island and features "commanding picturesque views of the Kiawah River" along with "century-old oaks and palm trees."

The 5,700-square-foot home is also adorned with "tiered balconies, private terraces, a pool, and a poolside loggia housing an outdoor kitchen."

Located roughly an hour's drive from Charleston, Haley's house is additionally fitted out "with a four-stop elevator and a cutting-edge smart home security system."

The home represents a high-profile example of how Haley's financial situation has markedly turned around since her time in public office.

Haley "bailed out" her parents and managed to build an $8 million fortune

An article published by Forbes magazine this past August noted that Haley and her husband had a combined net worth of less than $1 million in 2018.

What's more, the former South Carolina governor's parents were experiencing money woes, owing more than $1 million and facing the prospect of losing their home.

Forbes detailed the way in which Haley "bailed out her parents" while simultaneously managing to build her own $8 million fortune through a series of lucrative moves.

These included giving highly paid speeches for the British multinational bank Barclays as well as the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs.

Haley's campaign has gotten a major boost from rich Democratic donors

Further, Haley became a director of aerospace giant and defense contractor Boeing while also joining the board of United Homes Group.

Meanwhile, The New York Times reported in December that Haley's Republican presidential campaign has taken in a substantial amount of cash from high-dollar Democratic donors.

Among them is billionaire LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, who contributed a quarter million dollars to a pro-Haley Super PAC known as SFA Fund Inc. JPMorgan Chase chief executive Jamie Dimon has thrown his support behind Haley too.

The Times noted how former President Donald Trump took notice of Haley's new allies. Trump sent out a fundraising email which read, "While globalist special interest donors from both parties forge an unholy alliance to beat us, I'm calling on our grass roots donors like YOU to fight back."

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