Nikki Haley says she won't drop out despite losses in Iowa and New Hampshire

 January 29, 2024

This past month saw former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley receive back-to-back from Republican voters in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Yet despite most polls showing her trailing far behind former President Donald Trump, Haley just announced that she has no plans to drop out. 

"I need to show that I'm building momentum"

According to Reuters, the former United Nations ambassador made that point clear during an appearance on NBC's "NBC's Meet the Press."

"I need to show that I'm building momentum," Haley told host Kristen Welker on Sunday. "I need to show that I'm stronger in South Carolina than New Hampshire.

"Does that have to be a win? I don't think that necessarily has to be a win. But it certainly has to be better than what I did in New Hampshire and it certainly has to be close," she asserted.

A survey average maintained by Real Clear Polling shows Haley as lagging over thirty points behind Trump in South Carolina, her home state.

Haley says RNC is "clearly" not an honest broker

Reuters noted that a proposal at the Republican National Committee (RNC) to name Trump as the GOP's presumptive nominee was withdrawn last week.

As CBS News reported, that move came after Trump said that despite "greatly" appreciating the idea he favored allowing the race to continue for the sake of "party unity."

When Welker asked Haley if she considered the RNC to be an honest broker in the party's primary contest, the candidate said this "clearly" wasn't the case.

"If you're going to go ... and basically tell the American people that you're going to go and decide who the nominee is after only two states have voted...this is a democracy. The American people want to have their say in who is going to be their nominee," Haley insisted.

Haley: Trump's legal troubles will take him "away from the campaign trail"

Haley later rejected speculation that her candidacy depends on Trump either being removed from the ballot or convicted of a crime, saying, "I've never stayed in this race because of court cases."

Yet while Haley also opposed attempts to disqualify Trump on 14th Amendment grounds, she argued that the former president's legal troubles will be a growing hindrance.

"Look, he's insecure. He's threatened. He sees what's happening and he knows these court cases are going to take him further and further away from the campaign trail," Haley declared.

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