North Korean defector says woke training is 'brainwashing'

 February 14, 2023

For over seven decades, North Korea's communist government has been known for being one of the most repressive regimes on earth.

While relatively few escape the nightmare nation, one who did is author Yeonmi Park. During a recent interview, she recalled seeing disturbing similarities between America's colleges and the country of her birth. 

Defector reports "brainwashing" in the classroom

"The things that I was learning at Columbia University really shocked me because it was the exact same thing that my North Korean teachers were brainwashing me in the classroom," Park told Fox News host Todd Piro on Monday.

"At Columbia University they were literally saying that all the problems that we have is because of capitalism, because of white men, and the solution for all these problems is a communist revolution in the name of equity," the North Korean escapee continued.

"They were saying that we need to destroy this country, and we need to rebuild the country in the name of equality of outcomes, and that same ideology drove my home country into what it is that state North Korea," she continued.

"It's really funny to this day to me that somehow not having a problem is a problem," Park explained, adding that leftist will "literally create a problem out of nowhere and create injustice out of thin air."

Park: "Nothing is free in this world"

"Their oppression is that somehow we cannot catch up [with] their ever-growing non-grammatical pronouns, and that's the biggest oppression they face," she pointed out.

"And they'll continue somehow that there's no free health care, no free education, no free house, no universal income, nothing is free in this world," Park stressed.

"And… I ask them like, what is it about America that you hate so much? And they said that they hate America because there's inequality," she noted.

"Inequality is a sign of progress," Park argued. "Inequality means you can rise, and there are other people in North Korea like me, watching my family members who are [in] poverty, the enemies of poverty, and they don't say that."

Democrats condemn slavery in the past but benefit from it in the present

However, Parks' criticism wasn't just limited to woke college students and their professors, as she later took aim at Democratic politicians and donors as well.

In particular, Park singled out figures like Nancy Pelosi and Jeff Bezos for focusing on 19th-century American slavery while at the same time benefiting from the slavery which is currently happening in China.

"They do not want to stand up against China's Communist Party because they want the money," she complained. "They want to make the money from this evil regime."

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