NY Judge Suggests Trump Violated Gag Order AGAIN

October 26, 2023

Judge Arthur Engoron might be getting a little eccentric with this one.

He thinks that Donald Trump may have violated his gag order.


Engoron really went so far as to imply that Donald Trump's behavior might kill an innocent member of his staff.

Judge Engoron was all bent out of shape after Trump publicly said that Engoron is a "very partisan judge with a person who is very partisan sitting alongside him, perhaps even more partisan than he is."

"It’s easy for the public or anyone to know who that is," Engoron said.

That's when Engoron got a little dramatic, suggesting that Trump might be putting a hit out on his principal law clerk. The principal law clerk is the person who would be sitting next to the judge
in the courtroom.

"I’m very protective of my staff, and I believe I should be; I don’t want anybody killed," Engoron said.

Last week, Engoron was also chastising Trump, fining Donald $5,000 for an old social media post that was never deleted.

Trump says it wasn't intentional.

Donald's lawyer, Chris Kise, said that Trump's campaign is a "very large machine" that can have trouble communicating from one end to another.

Trump does have a TON of employees from all different walks of life, so it's not inconceivable that it was a simple messaging problem that left the post up on social media.

Engoron claimed to give Trump the benefit of the doubt on that one, but wasn't about to allow Trump to get away with what Engoron thought was a second offense - commenting on the principal law clerk.

However, Trump's team insists that Donald was NOT talking about Engoron's staff.

Donald Trump was reportedly talking about Michael Cohen and saying that Cohen wasn't a credible witness.

"My understanding of what was said — I believe what Mr. Trump will tell you — was he was talking to Michael Cohen, his credibility as a witness. … I’ve asked him and that’s exactly what he said," said Kise.

Engoron didn't seem to buy it, saying that it "seems clear to me" that Trump was referring to the clerk.

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