NYC rescinds COVID vax mandate but warns it could happen again

 February 12, 2023

Although New York City has rescinded its coronavirus vaccine mandate, Mayor Eric Adams (D) has recently warned residents that such a mandate may be needed again in the future. 

Adams said as much during an appearance Friday on Caribbean Power Jame Radio's The Reset Show. 

You can watch Adams' comments here.

Adams defends the mandate

At one point during his appearance, Adams tries to defend New York City's implementation of a coronavirus vaccine mandate.

"I know what COVID looked like, and I know that if we didn’t have those mandates. . . " Adams said, failing to complete his thought. But, clearly, he thinks that the vaccines and the mandate did some good.

After claiming that New Yorkers don't want "anyone telling them anything," because "that's just who we are," Adams argued that this is exactly what was required to combat the COVID pandemic.

Adams said:

[t]hose who made the determination that, 'no, I still want to come into a work environment and I’m not going to be vaccinated', 'no, I want to still ride the trains. I want to do whatever I want'. That just wasn’t right. That wasn’t right. And they made a decision and the law was on our side that said we could mandate. And, so they were removed.

It could happen again

Adams made no attempt to provide any evidence for the effectiveness of either COVID vaccines or COVID vaccine mandates.

But, he made it clear that, in his opinion, both were effective - so much so that Adams warned New York residents that such a mandate could happen again.

"[T]here may be another time that we’re going to have to do mandates again because these viruses are not going away," Adams said. "We’re dealing with a whole new environment of what we are fighting against, some of these viruses."

It's over . . . for now

Adams's interview comes after he and his administration announced last week that it would be dropping New York's COVID-19 vaccine mandate for public employees.

Adams said:

With more than 96% of city workers and more than 80% of New Yorkers having received their primary COVID-19 series and more tools readily available to keep us healthy, this is the right moment for this decision.

It is not exactly clear why Adams chose now to lift the mandate.

But, Adams indicated that the nearly 2,000 public employees who were fired for refusing to comply with the COVID vaccine mandate will not automatically get their jobs back.

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