Obama-appointed judge gives Trump a win with pyramid scheme case

 January 13, 2024

It was a little-noticed legal case against Trump, but he got a victory in court on Friday.

An Obama-appointed federal judge tossed a case against him over an alleged pyramid scheme involving a video-chatting phone he and his older children touted as an investment opportunity on Celebrity Apprentice back in 2011. 

The four plaintiffs waited until 2018 to sue Trump and his children over their supposed endorsement of the Iris 5000, which predated most smartphones and promised more than it delivered, apparently.

But U.S. District Judge Lorna G. Schofield denied the class action suit and pushed it off to three separate states where the plaintiffs, who invested in the fraudulent company, lived--California, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

A minor inconvenience at best

This is after Schofield dismissed the children from the case in May and a racketeering element in July.

At most, the plaintiffs can now recover about $7,000, so even if they win their state-level cases, it's not going to do much more to Trump than a gnat buzzing around his head. Furthermore, it shows that cases can linger on for years and then suddenly come to nothing--a pattern Trump hopes to repeat with at least four indictments.

Certainly, he has much bigger legal fish to fry. That must be why the case hasn't gotten much attention; wouldn't want to show that Trump could actually win a case when the entire media is banking on him losing the cases against him to hurt his election chances.

The Daily Beast was the only major outlet to cover the dismissal, and of course, qualified it with comments about Trump's "long history of cheating unsuspecting marks" and other slams.

V for Vendetta

The Beast did note that the lawyer trying to get him on this suit is the same one going after him (again) for defamation, Roberta Kaplan.

Vendetta, much?

The second defamation trial starts on Monday, even though the judge already awarded E. Jean Carroll $5 million even though she didn't remember much about what she says happened.

Speaking of vendettas, Judge Arthur Engoron is getting ready to give his verdict in the now-$370 million civil trial about whether Trump inflated his property values to get loans.

I'm waiting for New York to round up all the other business owners who did this and slap them with outsized fines. Not to mention taking away their rights to operate their own businesses. Sheesh.

During closing arguments, Engoron reportedly asked Attorney General Letitia James how the case compares to Bernie Madoff, which tells you everything you need to know about his bias against Trump.

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