Obama fears 'incalculable damage' of Trump victory

 January 12, 2024

Barack Obama is alarmed that Donald Trump could win the 2024 election and cause "incalculable damage" to what liberals call "our democracy." 

The former president, who is a close Biden confidante, fears the upcoming race is very close and Biden does not appreciate the danger, USAToday reported.

Members of Obama's camp, including his close friend and "wingman," former attorney general Eric Holder, confirmed the rumors.

Obama fears 'incalculable damage'

Holder shared his fears that a Trump victory would cause "incalculable damage" and said Obama shares the same worry.

"Absolutely. I don't think it's a question about that," he said. "I think that's what motivates him. I think that's what will continue to motivate him."

The Washington Post reported that Obama met with Biden for lunch around the holidays and tried to rouse him out of his complacency.

Obama and Biden have a complicated relationship, marked by feelings of jealousy and mistrust, despite their public show of unity. Obama famously rejected Biden's White House ambitions in 2016 and nearly did the same thing in 2020.

According to USAToday, Obama believes there are "major structural advantages that will favor Republicans in 2024," including rising polarization, Trump's loyal voter base and a "Trump-friendly conservative ecosystem, especially online."

Those close to Obama said he will pick and choose moments on the campaign trail to "move the needle."

Time to panic?

As the 2024 election approaches, Democrats are concerned by signs of vulnerability in Biden's campaign.

One of Biden's biggest naysayers is David Axelrod, the longtime Obama adviser. Axelrod told Politico that he has faced backlash for voicing his concerns, and Biden himself has used vulgar language to describe him.

Axelrod said he isn't bothered because Biden needs some tough love.

“I know that people expect 100 percent loyalty, but that’s not my job,” Axelrod said. “It’s pretty obvious that there are challenges here, and it seemed pretty obvious to me when I suggested in early November that he think hard about what he’s doing."

Despite concerns that Biden isn't taking Trump seriously, Biden has dialed up his rhetoric to a new level of demagoguery, painting the upcoming election as a choice between "democracy" and Trump's "dictatorship."

Michelle Obama made some pointed comments about Donald Trump on a recent podcast where she admitted that the 2024 election "terrifies" her.

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