Obama judge rejects election challenge from Stacey Abrams group

 January 3, 2024

An election integrity group touted by Donald Trump did not engage in voter intimidation in the 2020 election, a federal judge appointed by Barack Obama ruled Tuesday.

Fair Fight, a liberal group founded by Stacey Abrams, had not "sufficiently shown that any Georgia voter was reasonably intimidated" when True the Vote challenged the eligibility of thousands of voters, Judge Steve Jones said.

Obama judge's SHOCK ruling...

True the Vote challenged the eligibility of 360,000 Georgia voters prior to the 2021 Senate runoffs, expressing concern that many voters no longer lived in the county where they were registered.

Many of those challenges failed, but Fair Fight sued, arguing True the Vote ran afoul of the Voting Rights Act's rules on voter intimidation.

Judge Jones expressed reservations about the "reckless" methods of True the Vote, but he disagreed with the contention that "any mass challenge of voters near an election (especially if negligently or recklessly made) constitutes intimidation or an attempt to intimidate."

"In making this conclusion, the Court, in no way, is condoning TTV’s actions in facilitating a mass number of seemingly frivolous challenges," Jones wrote in a footnote. "The Court, however, cannot under the operative legal framework say that these actions were contrary to Georgia law (which is unchallenged by Plaintiffs)."

Win for election integrity

The ruling is a major blow to the left and its narrative that supporting election integrity is tantamount to "voter suppression."

“This decision is monumental,” True the Vote lead attorney Jake Evans wrote in a statement. “It vindicates True the Vote in totality and establishes that eligibility challenges under Section 230 are a proper method to ensure voter rolls are accurate.”

Of course, liberal groups blasted the ruling, warning it will help perpetuate "conspiracy theories" that will damage "our democracy."

"Efforts by conspiracy theorists and anti-voter extremists to strip eligible voters from the rolls through mass voter challenges and aggressive voter purges are one of the biggest threats to our democracy and upcoming elections in 2024,” Cianti Stewart-Reid, executive director of Fair Fight, said.

The same judge ruled days ago that Republican-drawn legislative maps in Georgia were acceptable under the Voting Rights Act, denying Democrats a coveted opportunity to gain seats in 2024's House elections.

A reform to Georgia's election laws in 2021 made clear that there is no limit to the number of challenges individuals can make to a voter's eligibility.

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