Obama judge rules in Trump's favor in ballot dispute

 January 17, 2024

Barack Obama received some unpleasant news when a federal judge he appointed declined to remove Donald Trump from the ballot.

A federal judge in the key swing state of Nevada dismissed a frivolous lawsuit from a lawyer and Never Trump activist who is running for president, John Anthony Castro.

In an unrelated matter, Castro was arrested days ago for tax fraud in his business as a tax return preparer.

Obama judge's shock ruling

Judge Gloria M. Navarro dismissed Castro's lawsuit in Nevada for one simple reason: the dispute was made-up.

Castro is running for president for the sole purpose of manufacturing "standing" to sue, Navarro ruled. As such, Castro does not have a legitimate injury, or controversy, for the courts to look at.

The judge noted that Castro is trying to challenge Trump's eligibility in a number of states - with little success.

"In rejecting his political competitor's standing argument, courts have found that Castro improperly manufactured his standing merely to file this lawsuit," Navarro wrote.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Castro admitted that his candidacy is about nothing more than "trying to enforce the United States Constitution."

Trump ballot controversy

Trump will not appear on Nevada's Republican primary ballot anyway, because the GOP is only awarding delegates through the traditional Nevada caucus.

"Today's dismissal of another bogus, bad-faith, Crooked Joe Biden-engineered attempt to deprive Americans as a whole, and the voters of Nevada specifically, of their right to vote for the candidate of their choice is not only a victory for President Trump, but a victory for all Americans and the people of Nevada," Trump spokesman Steve Cheung said.

The ruling in Nevada came weeks after a different Obama judge in the key swing state of Arizona shot down another Castro challenge, for the same reason.

“Castro is not genuinely competing with Trump for votes or contributions, and therefore is not suffering a concrete competitive injury,” the judge wrote.

Democrats have challenged Trump's eligibility to be president on the basis that Trump caused an "insurrection" at the Capitol on January 6th.

Colorado's Supreme Court broke the seal in December by ruling that Trump was disqualified under the Fourteenth Amendment's so-called insurrection clause. A Maine elections official reached the same conclusion.

Trump has appealed to the Supreme Court, which is expected to weigh in sometime in the coming months.

A judge in Maine ruled Wednesday that Trump can stay on the ballot, for now.

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