Obama reportedly held secret meeting with Biden to encourage stronger campaign against Trump

 January 7, 2024

Former President Barack Obama has reportedly advised President Joe Biden to restructure his reelection campaign, expressing concern about the potential resurgence of former President Donald Trump, according to a new report.

Sources familiar with the discussions revealed that during a private lunch at the White House, Obama was "animated" when discussing the need for adjustments in Biden's campaign strategy.

The claims

The suggestion put forward by Obama involves sending more high-level decision-makers to the campaign headquarters in Delaware or granting the existing staff greater autonomy to make decisions without prior White House approval.

This recommendation stems from worries among Democratic strategists about the campaign's ability to respond effectively to swift changes in the electoral landscape.

While Obama did not propose specific hires, he mentioned David Plouffe, his 2008 campaign manager, as an example of a strategist who could potentially assist the Biden campaign.

The concerns

In contrast to Obama's 2012 reelection campaign, where key aides transitioned from the White House to the campaign, Biden has retained his closest advisors, such as Anita Dunn, Steve Ricchetti, Jen O'Malley Dillon, and others, within the White House rather than involving them directly in the campaign.

Barack Obama has been an active supporter of Biden's electoral endeavors, participating in fundraising events and campaigning on his behalf during the 2020 election.

In recent months, Obama's engagement in advising Biden underscores the strategic considerations and potential challenges facing the Biden campaign.

Trump's polls

In three out of the last four recent national polls measuring a hypothetical presidential contest between current Republican and Democratic frontrunners, Donald Trump held the lead over Joe Biden, while the fourth poll indicated a tie.

This development comes just days before the primary contests for both parties.

The primary season is set to kick off with the Iowa caucuses on January 15, followed by the New Hampshire primaries eight days later.

The third primary in South Carolina will closely follow, offering candidates the opportunity to pull forward, with Trump currently leading the GOP field by a wide margin, with both Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley trailing.

Polling data suggests that Trump is strongly positioned to secure the GOP nomination. This scenario potentially sets the stage for a rematch of the 2020 presidential election, with both frontrunners engaging in a heated exchange of criticisms as the battle heats up in early 2024.

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