Obama said to be worried about Biden's reelection chances

 January 8, 2024

The evidence suggests that President Joe Biden's reelection efforts are continuing to flounder, with Real Clear Politic's average putting him 2.2 points behind former President Donald Trump.

According to a new report, that fact has former President Barack Obama telling him to replace his strategy. 

Sources Obama is becoming dissatisfied with Biden's campaign

In an article published this past weekend, the Washington Post pointed to three unnamed sources who indicated that Obama is alarmed by the current state of affairs and has offered help from his own former campaign aides.

Meanwhile, the Washington Examiner noted that Obama joined Biden for a fundraiser last which raised roughly $2.6 million.

The event allowed donors to purchase a chance at having a meeting with Obama and Biden, helping to highlight the former president's status as his successor's "most influential surrogate."

Obama appears alongside Biden in two new ads

What's more, Obama also appeared alongside Biden in a new ad released on Thursday which asked supporters to send in cash.

"Our democracy depends on you," Obama declared before Biden quickly added, "It really does, folks, that's no joke. That's why we need you."

Obama insisted that he and Biden "need your help to ensure Joe's leadership continues to guide us forward," asserting, "The other side won't rest. So we can't, either."

The advertisement came on the heels of an earlier video in which Obama touted the Affordable Care Act, stating, "Yes, Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act, Bidencare, whatever you call it, yes, it is still a thing."

Poll shows that Biden's support is even dropping within his own party

Meanwhile, Axios reported on Monday that former Obama White House advisor David Axelrod is growing uneasy and called Biden's circumstances "worrisome."

"There has been broad anxiety among the Democratic political class ... given the magnitude of the threat," the longtime political strategist acknowledged.

However, Axelrod also maintained that there continues to be "faith among a team that has been counted out before, that past is prologue and it will all come together in the end."

Axios highlighted a recent Gallup poll showing that Biden finished off the year with an approval rating of just 39%. In a particularly ominous development, the president's approval rating among members of his own party dropped by five points, falling to 78% from 82% a month prior.

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