Obama steps into critical Virginia race that could impact 2024

 November 3, 2023

Former President Barack Obama is using his influence during the final days ahead of key Virginia elections to encourage Democrats to show up to vote.

Recorded messages from Obama are scheduled for over 100,000 homes in 20 districts ahead of Election Day, according to a new report.

The focus

"It's the first time the former president has waded into the closely watched elections in Virginia, where Republicans aim to hold their narrow majority in the state House and recapture control of the state Senate, where Democrats currently hold a fragile majority," Fox News reported.

"Total Republican control of the state government in Richmond would allow Gov. Glenn Youngkin, a rising star in the GOP, to push through a conservative agenda," it added.

The message

“The calls are fairly generic turnout messages, urging voters to cast their ballot without focusing on any particular policy issue — like abortion, which Virginia Democrats have centered their campaign on,” Politico notes.

“The people we elect in the state Senate and House of Delegates will make decisions that affect your everyday life. Now is the time to make our voices heard,” the former president reportedly says in the Election Day call.

The background

"The recordings don’t mention specific issues, including abortion, which state and national Democrats have made a crucial centerpiece of their push to get out the vote," America First Newswire reported.

"The calls are being sent by the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NRDC), the Democrats’ top redistricting organization, which is run by Eric Holder, who served as attorney general during the Obama administration," it noted.

Among Republicans, Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin has worked to help support conservatives running for office across his state.

Youngkin has appeared at numerous rally events organized by his Spirit of Virginia political action committee.

Obama's involvement shows that Democrats are taking every action possible to win back seats as Republicans continue making moves to win in Virginia since Youngkin's upset in becoming governor.

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